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Lacrosse balls, hockey pucks, basketballs and soccer balls were all going over the fence!
But no more, with our barrier net it all stays in the yard!

Our kids are often in the yard taking shots on goal, the unfortunate part about having young aspiring athletes is that sometimes the shots are often high or wide. Leading to countless balls ending up in the street- sound familiar! 

​​After searching for the best netting:
• dark in color to blend with your landscape
• blocks golf to soccer balls
• heavy duty, will hold up for years

We custom engineered poles just
for this purpose
• strong but light weight
• aluminum poles will not rust
• poles are inserted into sleeves that are set in the ground, NO hazardous ropes needed to hold up or to trip over.

It took a number of years to get it right and configure so we could offer high quality at a more than reasonable price! And it is made in the USA.