Please download this information sheet about quick setting concrete, Quikrete®

If you can dig a hole you can do this!

Everything you need comes in our Backyard Net Kit, and the four major installation steps are shown here. Just pick-up a bag of Quick dry concrete.

4. Wire cable is pulled through pre-drilled holes at the top of poles and fastened with bug-nuts. The Barrier Netting clips onto this wire cable and hangs like a curtain. 

3. Once holes are ready and the concrete is dry, set the aluminum poles, they are shipped in two sections to make installation safe and easy.

2. Dig two holes 32'' deep and 25' apart. Set the PVC sleeves for poles in the ground and secure with quick dry concrete. Use a level to ensure the poles are plumb.

1. Measure

Do-It-Yourself Instructions for the 12' x 25' Backyard Net Kit

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